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Although many birds migrate south in the fall, several species live in Canada year-round, toughing it out all winter long. You can help these birds out by building your own bird feede r and filling it with tasty treats.

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To find out what birds you might see at your winter feeder check out this list of the top ten bird species that stick around for the winter. Since some species tend to be picky eaters, we have listed them based on their favourite types of seeds and nuts. Black oil sunflower seeds not striped sunflower seeds and suet will usually attract the largest diversity of birds to your winter feeder.

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I have Blue Jays, Chickadees and lots of other birds that eat form our bird feeder all winter right out front of our house. Forgot your username or password? Black oil sunflower seeds Black-capped chickadees 9.

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White-breasted nuthatches 8. Finches house, purple 7. Northern cardinals 6.

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Blue jays also really like cracked corn Nyjer seeds 5. Given that gulls move around so much, they can be tricky to find reliably, and while some birds will return to a site for a spell somewhat consistently, others will only remain in the valley as they pass through to points further south and along the coast. Once again it means that birders need to get out regularly in search of them.

While many raptor species can be found during the winter, many birders are most interested in Rough-legged Hawks since they are more difficult to find in many locations further south. Perhaps the best place to find Rough-legged Hawks in the valley sits across the Crown Point Bridge in Addison County, Vermont, where the wide valley of farmland stretches for miles. That means raptor-watching birders may have to drive a ways on their quest, but at least they will be have access to a warm and toasty car.

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While the numbers of Snowies have been on the low side this winter, they were found at the Plattsburgh Marina in December and then again at Crown Point around the New Year, and birders should consequently be watchful. Like many of the raptors above, these species are found in the fields and farmland which define so much of the Champlain Valley. The same birding hotspots for many of the raptors above are also good for finding such species, and birders should check out sites like Crown Point , the Magic Triangle , and Point AuRoche and Chazy as a result.

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  5. The birds will discover a set of fruit trees, descend upon them and chow down for a few or several days, often stripping the branches bare before moving on to a new site. That means birders should note potential fruit trees which may attract the birds, monitoring them for any activity, and carefully looking through nearby trees to make certain no birds are sitting inconspicuously in the branches.

    This can be particularly important for Pine Grosbeaks, which can remain quite still and quiet. And, since the flocks of these species tend to range so widely, it is important to constantly remain vigilant, keeping an ear open for flight calls overhead as well. Plan your trip today by checking out our lodging and dining pages. Raised on Oak. Dam good skiing. For hardwater lovers. Breaking trail.

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