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Towels made with Pima or Egyptian cotton are also soft as their yarn is smooth and silky and less prone to fuzzies. Use dryer sheets instead. Most towels shrink, so use the appropriate heat setting. If your dryer has a moisture sensor then all the better. Durability Two-ply towels are a bit more durable than one ply. Cotton is stronger than rayon. For soft, absorbent towels that last, first consider two-ply towels made with Pima or Egyptian cotton, or towels that blend cotton with rayon, but they may not last as long.

Premium cotton towels usually cost a bit more than other types, so look for them on sale or bring coupons. Buy inexpensive towels if you or a family member uses products for treating acne. They often contain benzoyl peroxide, which can bleach towels and leave an orange or pink blotch. Some towels are claimed to be safe to use with benzoyl peroxide, so we tested them. See " Towels That Resist Bleaching " for details.

Whatever towels you choose, pick up an extra washcloth and store it, unwashed, with your receipt.

How often should you wash your towels? More than you think

If your new towels fade and you need to return them, that washcloth is your proof. Towels absorb large amounts of dirt and body oils and should be laundered frequently, and using a high-scoring detergent from our tests will keep them looking good.

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We test how well a detergent removes stains from body oil, dirt, grass, and more. The detergents below are the highest-scoring liquid detergents tested, earning overall scores ranging from 71 to They appear in alphabetical order. And keep in mind that you want to sort your towels, washing dark towels separately because they can bleed. For years I've covered the increasing water and energy efficiency of washers and what it means to consumers, along with innovations in a variety of products, and whether manufacturers deliver on their promises.

This will open up the fibers for absorbency. New towels are often coated in fabric softeners so they're nice and plush for shoppers. This finish creates a sleek, soft feel, but it diminishes the towel's absorbency. Fabric softeners actually prevent towels from absorbing water, and can leave a waxy buildup. Always wash towels separately from the rest of your laundry. This is both for the towels' longevity and that of your family's clothes. Towels can cover co-washed clothes with lint.

How often should you wash your towels? More than you think

And clothes with zippers, hooks, and buttons can pull loops out of some terrycloth towels and snag others. Further separate dark-colored towels from their lighter cousins. This will keep both the light and dark colors intact.

Helpful Laundry Tips & Tricks! Simple & Fresh Laundry Ideas That Save Time & Money (Clean My Space)

If the towel fibers wear best in cool-water washings, the label will tell you this. Otherwise, warm is the best temperature to wash your towels in. Camouflage outdated faucets.

The right way to wash towels

Allie, the blogger behind Crafty Allie , took run-of-the-mill fixtures and spray-painted them with Rust-Oleum oil-rubbed bronze metallic , which quickly shifted things from polished to rustic. Get Allie's spray-painted faucet tutorial. If You Have 3 Hours Organize reading materials with a wall-mounted rack. Get Jessica's magazine rack tutorial. If You Have 5 Hours Give your unframed mirror an easy facelift.

Get Alicia's framed mirror tutorial. If You Have 1 Day Panel your bathtub. If your room lacks character—or you need to hide a builder-grade acrylic tub—molding adds charm and distracts from outdated elements. In My Own Style blogger Diane made a wood frame and added bead board to give her basic bathroom a sophisticated aesthetic.

Get Diane's decorative bathtub molding tutorial.

If You Have 2. Add floating shelves. Contemporary open shelves not only provide extra storage space for your toiletries, but they also give you room to display decorative accessories—an easy alternative to hanging artwork.

Is it Sanitary to Wash Kitchen & Bathroom Towels With Clothes?

Kimberly, of Turning It Home , traded in her clunky metal shelves for floating ones she built with scrap wood and hung with upside down L-brackets. Get Kimberly's faux-floating wood shelves tutorial.

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If You Have 3 Days Give your vanity some personality. Cristina's, of Remodelando La Casa, vanity was still functional, so to revamp it, she simply removed the doors and painted it dark brown. Then, to give it the look of a custom piece of furniture, she added modern silver towel holders and feet to the base. Get Cristina's vanity upgrade tutorial.