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Bavinck returned to Kampen in as the newly-appointed Professor of Dogmatics.

23. Apocalyptic and Resistance

In , Bavinck moved to Amsterdam to teach at the Free University, and was also appointed to the parliament in the Netherlands. Along with Abraham Kuyper, Bavinck figured prominently in the nineteenth century Dutch Calvinist revival and contributed to the resurgence of Reformed theology. He was a prolific writer, and published numerous books and articles. His most well-known publications include his 4-volume Reformed Dogmatics and The Philosophy of Revelation.

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Format: Digital. Publisher: Longman. Overview God speaks—but how? Herman Bavinck died in In fact their respective attitudes have much in common: both sides share a strong will to defend their own scriptures, as well as a firm determination to grant rational inquiry unprecedented power and scope. Thus it seems that Medieval India just as Medieval Europe did not content itself with elaborating philosophical discourses despite a constant conflict between the necessity of respecting scriptural authority and the aspiration to produce independent rational systems.

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If scholasticism can be described as a set of discourses primarily aimed at conciliating the weight of tradition particularly scriptural with the recourse to rationally autonomous methods, it appears that scholasticism, in India as in Europe, was not only characterized by a conflicting relationship between scriptural authority and reasoned argumentation, but also, and more importantly, by an acute awareness of this conflict, and by a remarkable creativity in the various conceptual attempts to appease this tension.

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Jolivet [, p. Cox [, p. The elaboration of Buddhism in ever more complex scriptures would then be seen to be [ A corrective to this essentialistic view [ And yet, this early scholastic period can better be understood not as a rupture, but as a progression consistent with the intrinsic pattern of Indian scriptural development.