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Oh bugger, I'd not realised that Vessels was part of the series, time for me to start trawling the net! Well I can't just have the first 3 books and then that in just ebook now can I. I still need to get a hold of The Hides since its the only one I'm missing from this series.

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Have all the others but am waiting to get and read that one before I read Vessels. Hi Green! Good luck in your search!

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RJK, I'd definitely suggest that, as, while it's not necessary to read the books in order they work as standalones , it's better to read them in sequence. I didn't realize any of your OOP books were available at such a low cost. Every time I try to track one down, my wallet whimpers. There is no try. I know, because I try to get extra copies for my own collection, which over the years has been whittled away almost to nothing.

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Yeah, seen The Turtle Boy go for pretty high prices more than once and see it up for crazy prices still on eBay. I got lucky and won a copy for I might have to see about getting that copy of The Hides, though probably not until next month, if it's still available. If not that's ok, I know where else I can get a reasonable price on it.

And yeah, I figured Vessels would work as a stand-alone, but still want to wait. I read Peregrine's Tale after The Turtle Boy, but only after reading the intro and seeing that it would work fine in that order. Originally Posted by Kealan Patrick Burke. Seven years since a Seven years since a child rose from the dead, seeking Timmy Quinn's help in finding a murderer, a search that left more questions than answers in its terrifying wake.

When they were kids, Gillian and John used to visit the local cemetery every Sunday When they were kids, Gillian and John used to visit the local cemetery every Sunday after church. It was a curious place for children to frequent, but they had their reasons. The main attraction was the lofty hill that separated The fourth volume in the award-winning Timmy Quinn series. At eleven years of age, strange things At eleven years of age, strange things started to happen to a boy named Timmy Quinn.

His ordinary life was abruptly thrown into chaos by the revelation that there exists a separate The Novellas. The perfect place to hide Hocking Hills, Ohio is an oasis for campers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, and Theater Macabre. A hooded figure wanders a lonesome road waiting for a special someone A criminal returns home A criminal returns home to face old memories and new nightmares A man awakes to find himself living in a mirror image of reality Turtle in Paradise.

In Jennifer L. Holm's New York Times bestselling, Newbery Honor winning middle grade historical fiction novel, life isn't like the movies. Oct 21, Lee Anderson drunkonbookz rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle. If there was to be a sequel to The Turtle Boy then this was perfect! I don't think The Turtle Boy needed a sequel but because it has been set six years later it's kind of like having a catch up with the Quinn family. Turns out Timmy is still seeing the occasional dead person, more often than not they are lingering because they died due to bad circumstances. Pretty rough on Timmy and his family huh.

When an opportunity arises for Timmy's Dad to go back to Ireland to look after his elderly Mother, If there was to be a sequel to The Turtle Boy then this was perfect! When an opportunity arises for Timmy's Dad to go back to Ireland to look after his elderly Mother, he decides it would be a good idea to take Timmy, maybe escape the ghosts that he keeps seeing. Well obviously it's not a switch Timmy can just turn off so of course he is going to uncover some secrets. Problem is they are family secrets that might just come back to haunt them all. I really enjoyed the setting for this book.

Kealan finally was able to write a story based in his home town and although I've never been to Ireland, I'll take his word on it that the description is pretty spot on. Once again the ending was spot on and could be left right where it's at but that the baby Jesus there is more to this series I can get reading straight away! May 20, Zoe rated it it was ok Shelves: horror , ebook.

The Turtle Boy (The Timmy Quinn Series, #1)

I'm feeling more than a little torn about the Timmy Quinn series at this point. The writing style is strong, with plenty of detail given for characters and locations. I like Timmy and I feel sympathy for his unique powers. But, I don't care much for the setup or the conclusion of The Hides. Let me back up. In The Turtle Boy , we're introduced to Timmy, who has the ability to not only see the dead, but to grant them power in influencing the living.

The Turtle Boy: The Timmy Quinn Series, #1 - Kealan Patrick Burke - Google книги

This is a passive ability, not something he can co I'm feeling more than a little torn about the Timmy Quinn series at this point. This is a passive ability, not something he can control. At the end of the first story, there was one question lingering that I really wanted an answer for and didn't get. In this second installment, that question remains unaddressed.

Instead of picking up right away with his latest dealings with the dead, The Hides fast-forwards a few years to the point when Timmy's parents are getting a divorce and his father Paul pushes Timmy to go to Ireland with him. This is the problem I have with the premise, because the "chapter zero" establishes that Timmy has a history of seeing and empowering the dead in their quests for revenge against the living.

His parents are well aware of his problems, but they decide that he should go to a town in Ireland, Dungarvan, a place likely haunted by at least a few thousand spirits seeking revenge. And why are they making him go? Maybe it might have been if Timmy had only dealt with that one spirit and the parents thought it was a fluke. But they're established as knowing how his powers work and why. So what they're doing is dooming their child to another traumatic experience because it's convenient for them.

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Even if I could suspend disbelief and accept their plan, it still makes them look like the worst parents ever. It doesn't help that when Timmy calls home to talk to his mother and tell her he's sensing the dead in much the same way that he'd experienced in the first book, she completely ignores his history and intuitions and tells him "don't worry so much.

When it finally comes out that Timmy's grandmother Agatha had a specific reason for asking Paul to bring Timmy along, she makes Timmy's mom look semi-decent by comparison. But even knowing this, I keep coming back to the parents. I imagine them sitting at a table talking about a city with a history of violence going back to the world wars, a city where the IRA murdered people many times, and they somehow think taking a child sensitive to the dead to this place will be a positive thing.

How does that conversation go down?

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What kind of fucked up logic made them think this was a good idea? We don't know because the book skips over that part and moves to the point where Timmy and Paul are going to Ireland. Once there, Paul takes possibly the worst job in the country, and of course the place he's working is haunted by at least a dozen murder victims. And once Timmy's around, the dead get empowered in a predictable fashion. Anyone who read the first book can see this coming, so I have to ask why Timmy's parents didn't.

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Anyway, Timmy learns the truth about Agatha, that she isn't such a sweet old lady, and that her recently deceased husband was responsible for the hauntings at the local factory. Timmy races across town to save his dad, and then things just fall apart. A confrontation that should have been tense and nail biting instead runs through a number of required horror cliches without creating any sense of dread or horror.

As soon as that one fight is over, half the town shows up in time to see another dead attack. But no one is willing to admit what they saw, so a story is concocted to explain away the fire at the factory and the spectacle that happens immediately thereafter. Time fast-forwards again for an unspecified amount, and Timmy and Paul are talking about the dead when there's yet another attack.