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Your feedback will be reviewed. C1 the richest , most powerful , best-educated, or best-trained group in a society :. Brazil's political and business elite seem prepared to accept the election results. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Rich people. Elite troops were airlifted to the trouble zone. Examples of elite.

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It consisted of aristocrats with recent titles, who rose from the very ranks of the municipal elite. From Cambridge English Corpus. Are you ever afraid of backlash? Do you guys ever feel like there are limits to what you can show or explore? But if it were to happen, I hope we would welcome it as an opportunity to have a conversation about those issues, and how we deal with them in teen dramas.

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We like to say that, even if ours is a show set in school, it is not a didactic show — we bring those issues to the table as a way of starting a conversation. Hopefully backlash is not the only way to start it, though. For us, the limits come mostly from finding the right way to bring up a subject matter.

How do you guys feel the new characters introduced fit into the fold of the group? Everyone on this show has a secret — how will the secrets of the new characters change things at Las Encinas?

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  4. So it was important for us that the new characters would bring energy and life to the show. They did not know Marina — well, Valerio did, but finds a way of not feeling sad for very long, if you get my drift — and bring some fresh air to the school. This was very important to us, because we see a lot of shows where the characters seem to be very down the whole time.

    MADRONA: As writers, we root for all of our characters, we want them to find happiness… While at the same time finding new and interesting ways to keep them apart from all the things that would make them happy, including the person or persons that are just right for them. This is a long-winded way to say: We root for all of them while at the same time plot for new ways to ruin their lives.

    I think a few pairings will surprise people this season — some of them were difficult to pull off on paper but the chemistry of the actors is just so great that we do think it works wonders on the screen.