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Yet neither the lack of investment in teaching nor the deficit of attention appears to have had a negative impact on grades. Grade point averages rose from about 2. At this point a sceptic could argue that none of this matters much, since students are paid a handsome premium for their degree and on the whole earn back their investment over a lifetime. While this is still broadly true, there are a number of important caveats. And this premium is of little comfort to the 9. Another issue is that the salary gap between those with only a high-school diploma and those with a university degree is created by the plummeting value of the diploma, rather than by soaring graduate salaries.

After adjusting for inflation, graduates earned no more in than they did in Moreover, the promise that an expensive degree at a traditional university will pay off rests on some questionable assumptions; for example, that no cheaper way of attaining this educational premium will emerge. Yet there is a tornado of change in education that might challenge this, either through technology or through attempts to improve the two-year community college degree and render it more economically valuable. These students are saddled with a debt they have no realistic means of paying off.

Some argue that universities are clinging to a medieval concept of education in an age of mass enrolment. Some universities see online learning as a way of continuing to grow while facing harsh budget cuts. In about 6m American students took at least one online course in the autumn term. Students can study and take their exams when they want, not when the sabbaticals, holidays and scheduling of teaching staff allow. The average time to completion is just two-and-a-half years. MOOCs have also now arrived with great fanfare. These offer free college-level classes taught by renowned lecturers to all-comers.

Two companies, Coursera and Udacity, and one non-profit enterprise, edX, are leading the charge. At some point these outfits will need to generate some revenue, probably through certification. The broader significance of MOOCs is that they are part of a trend towards the unbundling of higher education. This will shake many institutions whose business model is based on a set fee for a four-year campus-based degree course.

StraighterLine, a start-up based in Baltimore, is already selling courses that gain students credits for a few hundred dollars. Some signs suggest that universities are facing up to their inefficiencies. Indiana University has just announced innovations aimed at lowering the cost and reducing the time it takes to earn a degree. More of this is needed. They also bear some responsibility for the 17m who are overqualified for their jobs, and for the 3m unfilled positions for which skilled workers cannot be found. They even owe it to the 37m who went to college, dropped out and ended up with nothing: many left for economic reasons.

I met with an adviser who told me that the only way I would be able to finish my degree would be if I could get approved for private loans, which I could not. All of the email communication with them was through my student email which was disabled long ago and I never thought to make copies of communications. All I really have is my word about what was said to me. Make sure that you provide as much documentation as you can about the promises you were offered, and that you explain how they impacted your decision to attend the school.

Not everyone does.

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Keep in mind that the refunds sent were tiny. My daughter and I filed claims against DeVry in Nov. We both received emails from DOE on Dec. Being the pack rat that I am, I have an entire accordion file filled with all brochures and information that I ever received from DeVry so I loaded up my application with copies of this information. Having the brochures, contract, and student manual gave me lots of info to fill out the application. Now to sit patiently and wait for a reply!

Make sure that you share those materials with others online! They falsely advertised in their brochures and even lied to be via email about their engineering program that turns out to be garbage claims of being a real engineering degree. Had I known about their false claims, I would have never pulled out any loans from DeVry or even bother enrolling into their fake school.

Parents: Don't Encourage Your Kids To Take Out Student Loans!

I will have to call them on Monday to confront them about this. I was never contacted by DeVry about getting any of my loans forgiven. You should definitely pursue a BDAR discharge here. I would absolutely go after them if they made false promises, lied about accreditation, credit transfer, etc.

I was really hoping I could get a full refund for the full amount of my tuition fees and everything.

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How can I get it? I sorta want to go to My old Devry School and print thousands of copies of… Do not go to this scam College. Is this legal..? No, not at all! Hopefully, by the time they get around to it, President Trump will have lost the next election and the new Democratic President will have put someone else in charge of DOE who is NOT waging an all out war on ordinary Americans. Say Tim I do appreciate all the information that you are passing on the the Devry student community.

My question is, I use my military GI Bill to pay for my education. Because Devry lied to me about job placement, as well as being a Devry graduate that would be paid more. Devry have not placed me in any job. I am not getting paid more because I am a graduate from Devry. In other words I feel like my education money have been wasted because of the lies from Devry. Help if you can please.

Thanks in advance Greg. Hey Tim, As sad is it will be but ill take money given any time. This is a pittance compared to getting entire loan balances forgiven. You may be. Did you even read my post? Have you looked at the many Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs available?

10 Ways to Stop Overspending on Impulse Buys

Has anyone with a similar situation to mine heard anything at all? Nelnet has approved my forbearance for the time being, still waiting on Navient to hopefully do the same. Hang tight and you should get a response eventually. Rita I submitted in right after I got the check and letter advising me to file for it.

Hi Tim, I have been watching this blog for 2 years now. Thank you for your support and knowledge. I still have no word about my loan forgiveness. I did however just receive an email stating a second round of checks will be issued from the FTC. I did receive full coverage from my Devry in house loan when the first round of payments where dispersed. My loan has been in forbearance for over two years and the lender states it will be up soon, but I still have no word from BDAR.

I am in the same situation. I recorded the call in case it may be admissible as evidence in future possible litigation. Good idea recording that call! I received a degree that only many years later did I realize was pretty much worthless.

Two Rounds of Refunds Have Now Been Issued

It was essentially an introduction to programming and simply finishing the degree alone in no way made me eligible for jobs in the field. I never landed a job in the field. In addition, I transferred to another campus after my first term.

What to Do About the Student-Loan Fiasco: Is “Debt Forgiveness” Really the Answer?

They literally created a program for me because they messed up so bad. Should have ended the whole thing there. Only a year or so after I graduated did I realize they completely discounted my major altogether. I was completely taken for a ride. Is verbal testimony enough? I filed my Borrowers defense back in it is still under review, but you can call number and they can tell you if it is still under review or denied.

If it is still under review they will email your loan provider and put your loans in forbearance for a certain amount of time. I did not seek help when I filed out the application so hope things go well. I spoke with them this morning and they told me no time frame when the review process is over, but to call them back if I need to put my loans back in forbearance. Thanks for the additional details!

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