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Bink's ability cancels out Fridge Logic to a frightening extent. It keeps itself secret, through increasingly unlikely coincidence if necessary, just so no one can think up a way around it ; he's widely regarded as being talentless. It's even defended him, indirectly, against the Demon whose ambient magic created Xanth in the first place.

The Magician Grey Murphy's talent is to suppress magic directly. At first, this ability presents automatically. All magic around him ceases to function and so when he is first introduced to Xanth, a land of magic, he refuses to acknowledge that magic exists because he sees no evidence of it around him.

Later he and his companions deduce that he is the source of a field of magic suppression and that he can control it to actively suppress magic or not at will. Later he learns he can cause a rebound effect by temporarily suppressing magic and then releasing it, making it more powerful than it was before.

Tilja, the main character of Peter Dickinson 's The Ropemaker , has this power At first she's disappointed that she didn't inherit the family magic, but this ability turns out to be much more useful to her. The "pristinely ungifted" of the Sword of Truth series are not only unaffected by additive magic and some subtractive magic, but magic doesn't exist to them or they to it.

A blind sorceress who sees with her magic can't see them, and they can't interact with the magic necessary to keep their world functioning. The same lack of interaction makes them partially Immune to Fate , though prophecies can touch on them circumspectly. No matter what, the children of any of these pristinely ungifted will have this trait. They, like almost everything else in the series, were the result of a wizard experimenting in the great war three thousand years previously.

In Magic Steps , "unmagic" soaks up all kinds of regular magic like a cleaning agent, and can also be used for invisibility and intangibility. Experiencing it from a mage's point of view is literally nightmare-inducing.

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It also eats the user. Their version is a weaker version of Paul's original power, which is to be able to consider so many different courses of action at once using his prescience that it creates a cloud of futures too diverse for anyone else to parse, essentially eliminating any other prophet's powers related to any of his past, present, or future decisions and indirectly rendering half the galactic empire essentially a null zone for any prediction but navigation.

The Honored Matres are going around exterminating any worlds with Bene Gesserit presence, they have suborned the Spacing Guild and are using Navigators to find targets. Chapterhouse survives solely because it is invisible, surrounded by no-ships and only those with the Siona gene walk freely around the planet. The Bartimaeus Trilogy : Kitty Jones is "Resilient" to magic, meaning that weaker magic fails to affect her and more powerful spells are less effective or wear off. Other Resilients have the ability to see through illusions or to sense when magic is present.

Unfortunately, resilience can be overcome by very strong magic, as one of Kitty's resilient friends get killed by a strong demon. Golems also cancel out the magic of demons they touch.

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This is explained as being because it's a creature of earth, while demons are creatures of air and fire. Oddly enough, this creates an entire potential system of magic, antithesis to the dominant one, that is never really used. Wraith in Holly Lisle's novel Vincalis the Agitator is completely unaffected by all magic in a world where magic is pervasive and advanced.

He is also forced to major in Theoretical Magic so that his inability to cast spells doesn't get noticed. Her solution? Cast spells that affect the area directly AROUND them rather than hitting them directly , such as hitting them with blasts of super-heated air. Interestingly, just like regular magic it can be nullified by someone who knows the user's true name , but we never get any real elaboration on its exact nature.

Star Wars Legends : The Thrawn Trilogy introduces the ysalamiri, a non-sapient species of furry reptiles, with the unique ability to suppress the Force in their personal areas. This ability evolved naturally in conjunction with a local predator species, vornskrs, who evolved with the ability to use the Force for hunting.

Thrawn is the first to re discover their ability, and puts them to various uses. He keeps one on his person, to protect him from Force attacks.

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He also uses them to speed-grow clones, since the presence of the Force will warp a mind that ages twenty years in a few weeks. While an ysalamiri might keep a person carrying it safe from direct Force use, it won't protect him or her from a Force-user picking up a huge rock and throwing it from a distance, as, by the time the rock reaches him or her, it's powered by pure physics.

In the New Jedi Order series, the Yuuzhan Vong exist outside the Force thanks to a punishment inflicted on them by their homeworld's Genius Loci for becoming too aggressive and warlike ; as such, they're completely impervious to being sensed or affected mentally by Force-users, and physical powers like lightning or telekinesis are less effective. However, it's possible for a Jedi who has been directly affected by the Vong's Organic Technology such as Jacen and Anakin Solo or Tahiri Veila to develop "Vongsense", a Force-like ability that lets them detect Vong, albeit somewhat imprecisely.

In Darth Maul: Shadowhunter we have the Taozin, a supposedly extinct giant centipede like creature that lives in the lower levels of Coruscant, its transparent flesh makes it not only immune to the force and invisible to basic scanners, it is also near immune to lightsaber attacks. Bella from Twilight is immune to many vampire powers; she's the only person whose mind Edward can't read at all. Katie Chandler in Enchanted, Inc. In Harry Potter , many magical creatures, most notably dragons , acromantulas , and giants including half-giants like Hagrid , are strongly resistant to magic.

This makes enchanted items fail to work on them, and causes most spells to literally bounce off them.

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Though this can be subverted if multiple casters conjure spells on them at once. Others can be defeated by certain specific types of magic Viktor Krum defeats a dragon in one hit by putting a curse on its eyes. And even simple spells can sometimes be effective if they're used indirectly to cause a physical object to hit the magical creature year-old Ron Weasley knocked out a huge mountain troll by levitating its own club over its head and then dropping it. Amusingly enough JK Rowling has stated that Vernon Dursley's genes as having this affect as well, not to say the man himself is immune to magic.

However she has gone on the record saying that she considered having Dudly at the Hogwarts platform dropping off magic child in the last book, "But no magic would have made it past Vernon's Genes". Spells directed at him will slide away and attach to the nearest object, such as his sword. As magic is illegal and it's Valek's job to kill all magic users , his ability gets a fair amount of use. Later Valek learns that he wasn't born special, but is a magic user just like anyone else. However, his hatred of magic is so strong that his own magic nullifies everyone else's.

Then, in Spy Glass , Opal gains the same ability by absorbing a Null Shield, and finds out that in the presence of large amounts of magic, this ability makes it almost impossible to move.

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Magic in Belisla is a Magitek : magicians have to extract it from nature before they can use it, and every spell requires a certain quantity of magic. But when Rumotim Ramiro Grimor discovers a way to make magic grow, allowing every magician to dispose of virtually unlimited quantities of it , antimagicians suddenly become more important than magicians: they are the only way to control magic and stop all the world to collapse under the influence of warring spells.

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Orem, in Hart's Hope by Orson Scott Card , is a "Sink"; he gets the full Blessed with Suck implications Power Incontinence , et cetera until he's properly trained in it, but afterwards he's able to negate the Big Bad 's entire power-up ritual by duplicating it as she goes along. In The Belgariad and Malloreon , Dragons well, the dragon, as there's only one left are immune to sorcery thanks to the tinkering of the God of Evil Torak. That said, the last dragon is not immune to all magic. In fact, the Orb of Aldur seems to be one of the few things that can really hurt it.

From Counselors and Kings , the Jordaini are a specialized caste of humans in The Magocracy Halruaa who are bred to be impervious to magic. They're trained to act as counselors to the wizard-lords, who appreciate having an adviser that a rival wizard cannot subvert. The Wheel of Time : Gholam , protean horrors designed by the villains as Mage Killers are immune to the One Power — it just melts away when it gets close — and throwing rocks at one is not a viable strategy their physical form is amorphous, such that they can slip through even the tiniest cracks.

Interestingly the only weapon proven effective against them so far is hitting them with Matrim Cauthon's foxhead medallion, which is also Anti-Magic of its own, meaning that gholam are likely composed of weaves themselves. Also, its Anti-Magic affects it in other aspects. Namely, unlike the Darkspawn, it can cross a magic portal.

This last proves to be its undoing, as it's herded by imitation foxhead medallions into a Skimming portal. Not knowledgeable of the technique needed to traverse the void within, it becomes lost inside with no way to escape. His status as a blank cancels all warp-based phenomena in the area in which other people can smell his admittedly spectacular body odor sometimes it resumes when he gets out of range. This is the reason why his superior Ciaphas Cain managed to live long enough to become a Hero of the Imperium.

Jurgen's power even counters the fear power of Necron Pariahs, which may not be entirely logical since theirs is presumably of the same sort as his power, not the kind of "positive" Warp power that is countered by it. At that point, it's like he's got anti-anti-magic. Eisenhorn books display Alizebeth Bequin discovering her limits as a blank. So does Wystan Frauka from Ravenor.