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Only he can muster the force that can break the back of Egypt's greatest enemy. The ancient city of Luxor is surrounded. All seems lost. Two lonely figures came down from the high mountains. They were dressed in travel-worn furs and leather helmets with ear-flaps strapped beneath their chins against the cold. Their beards were untrimmed and their faces weatherbeaten. They carried all their meagre possessions upon their backs. It had taken a hard and daunting journey to reach this spot. Although he led, Meren had no inkling where they were, neither was he sure why they had come so far.

Only the old man who followed close behind him knew that, and he had not yet chosen to enlighten Meren. Since leaving Egypt they had crossed seas and lakes and many mighty rivers; they had traversed vast plains and forests.

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They had encountered strange and dangerous animals and even stranger and more dangerous men. Then they had entered the mountains, a prodigious chaos of snowy peaks and gaping gorges, where the thin air was hard to breathe. Their horses had died in the cold and Meren had lost the tip of one finger, burned black and rotting by the crackling frosts.

Fortunately it was not the finger of his sword hand, nor one of those that released the arrow from his great bow. Meren stopped on the brink of the last sheer cliff. The old man came up beside him.

His fur coat was made from the skin of a snow tiger that Meren had slain with a single arrow as it sprang upon him. Standing shoulder to shoulder, they looked down on a foreign land of rivers and dense green jungles.

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Is this the end of the journey, Magus? In reply Meren unslung his sword scabbard from his back and displayed the lines of notches scratched in the leather.

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He had followed Taita and protected him for more than half his own lifetime, but he was still never entirely certain whether the other was serious or merely jesting with him. Have we reached the end of our journey? Meren gazed after him for a few moments, then his bluff, handsome features creased into a grin of rueful resignation.

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  • I have waited a long time for your coming. They stopped in surprise and looked up at the ledge above them. On it sat a childlike figure, a boy who seemed no older than eleven years. The boy turned the fatuous remark with a smile. He had the brown face of a mischievous monkey, but his smile was so winsome that Meren could not help but return it. I am the messenger. There is still some way to go. Even in the cold he wore only a loincloth.

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    His smooth bare torso was a dark chestnut colour, yet he carried on his back a hump like that of a camel, grotesque and shocking. He saw their expressions and smiled again. For the next two days Ganga led them through thick bamboo forest. The track took many twists and turns and without him they would have lost it a hundred times.

    As they descended, the air grew warmer and they were able at last to shed their furs and go on bareheaded. On the second day they came to the end of the bamboo forests and followed the path into thick jungle with galleries that met overhead and blotted out the sunlight. The air was warm and heavy with the scent of damp earth and rotting plants.