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Letting Go…to be happy, joyous and free!

Center City, MN Each event includes a lecture by staff or a guest speaker, as well as relaxation and group discussions open to anyone 18 years and older. Friends and family are welcome. Speakers and topics may be subject to change. I hereby release the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and its legal representatives and assigns for all claims and liability relating to said photographs and videos.

Medical and Professional Education Psychology Internships. The Butler Center for Research Addiction research library. October The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. I lied to avoid responsibility. I judged others to keep my ego pumped up.

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Denial was used to avoid looking at my defects. Isolation became a protective cocoon. I was a very lonely person. I was living two lives.

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My inside life was fearful, angry, ashamed, guilty and full of self loathing. On the outside I tried to project an image of strength, capability and confidence. To change I had to get to know myself and find out why I did what I did.

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The Steps showed the way. Working the Steps was not easy and took time.

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It is still an ongoing process today. I found that trying to get rid of something or trying to stop something was difficult. I had more success by trying to replace an old way of doing something with a new way. For example, instead of making up a story about why I was late, just tell the truth and admit to making a mistake.

Happy, Joyous & Free

Doing it the new way, removes the bad feeling about lying, the fear about being caught in a lie, the anger that is often the response to fear, and by looking at the mistake I might learn how not to do it in the future. Why was I late? Can I change my behavior, so I am not late in the future?

I became a part of the Recovery community by attending meetings and working the Steps. I was not alone any more, I was part of something greater than me. I felt supported, encouraged and cared for. I no longer felt like a victim of self. Alcoholism and addiction are very serious topics, and Recovery is hard work.


However one of the important elements of Recovery is humor. We learn to laugh at ourselves and share that laughter with others. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Best Friends? Life began anew and was Happy, Joyous and Free. Personal Story When I was practicing my alcoholism I had a set of tools that I used to maintain that way of life. Sub Menu items.