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It seems like everyone has a movement these days, but Gracenomics has legs where perhaps others lose their momentum.

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You dole out extravagant grace, but so does everyone else, and so we all flourish through a shared process of failure, redemption, and renewal. Gracenomics describes such a system as it would relate to ourselves, those around us, and those at our workplace. This system is counterintuitive to the world at large, and a distant dream to many of those who follow the teachings of Christ.

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Conquer hate; embrace failure; fight victimhood; take the long view — all sample concepts fired in rapid succession through the lens of a few key examples. To its credit, Gracenomics is packed with ideas, but when expressed with a rapid-fire writing style, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Expect to flip backwards from time to time to recall what the central idea of a particular section is.

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All that said, with so many ideas articulated in this short book, a little vertigo is only natural. As human beings, we are context-seeking creatures. We need our boxes.

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We need our clarity. They trick us into thinking there is a necessary barrier between us and them.


But labels are never necessary, and never protect anyone from anyone else. They drive us apart in the worst ways, instead of bringing us together to heal with our collective strength. I truly believe we reinvent the world by reinventing how we live. I want to live in world that refuses to label, stereotype or slap damaging words on others.

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That means guarding my words and not jumping to conclusions. It means speaking up when our society and our friends want to use labels. This vicious form of judgment needs to stop and it begins with you and me. Who we are.

Gracenomics Participant Guide: Unleash the Power of Second Chance Living

What we look like. None of this defines us. The only thing in life that defines us is what our Creator has spoken over us: beloved, His, worth it, precious, redeemed, justified, adopted. All the lies of the world around us are consumed by the single truth Jesus Christ proclaims over us. In Him all lies are dispelled, all shame disappears, all guilt fades, all hope is attained, and second chances are possible.

What are the labels you need to throw away? I continually toss aside the label: worthless faggot. I was called stupid once by my own father.

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I suppose that would be mine. Well done on this article. I am sorry that you endured that trauma, Dan. It blows my mind how a parent can say such things — or do certain things — to their children. Growing up, I faced harsh mental abuse from my mom. In fact, it still happens today.

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I am a lot stronger than what I used to be, and I am in a better place than I once was. I pray that He continues to restore you just the same.

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