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Film is still preferred by most filmmakers because this is the tradition and the technology they understand. Other two big advantages of using film are 1 depth of- ield and 2 broad exposure latitude. When shooting 35mm film, shallower depth of filed is a given.

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This means that creating areas in the frame that are soft focus or blurry is easier, and filmmakers love this to direct the audience's attention. Wikipedia defines exposure latitude as "the extent to which a light-sensitive material can be overexposed or underexposed and still achieve an acceptable result. Basically, what you have to remember is that film has broader exposure latitude than video.

This means that underexposed and overexposed areas are rendered better on film than on digital media.

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For instance, on video, a corner of the frame with little light could go completely black, whereas on film is would still show details. This is important because cinematographers play with light, so a broader exposure latitude medium offers them more opportunity.

It's like a painter who has several paint tubes with all the colors of the rainbow film , as opposed to another painter who only has the primary colors video. However, needless to say, technology is constantly advancing, and the gap is decreasing. By the way, the human eye is still the best camera we have access to. It can see an even broader range of exposure than film.

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That is why scenes might seem overlit to eye but still look dark to the camera. Video is spreading quickly. As technology evolves, video will soon become the industry standard. It's impossible to know when, but the push towards it has already begun.

Filming for a Movie vs. Filming for a TV Show: What You Should Know

The main reasons to choose video are 1 workflow, 2 price, and 3 reproducibility. Video can really speed things up. With film, prior to the shoot, someone has to load the magazine in a light-safe area. After the shoot, the film must be developed, processed, and digitized turned into a digital file in a computer. Film is digitized because most editing are now done in computers, using programs like Avid or Final Cut Pro.

Which film sizes are used in Hollywood?

If you shoot video, you can skip these steps. You record straight into an SD card or hard drive. Slowing standard frame rate down in post gives you fewer frames to work with and will not look as smooth. Would it be better to show me eating the food using hyperlapse vs just speeding up in hitfilm?

Camera sensor and film size explained – From 1/3 inch over super35 to IMAX MDEpicEpisodeS1E01

Speeding up doesn't matter as much. In that case you're just either removing frames speeding up footage or taking fewer frames time lapse. You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter. All rights reserved. By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our Cookies policy. Terms and Conditions apply. Understand your data by reading our Privacy policy.

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