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We could not be happier with the quality of their work or their exceptional customer service. They were able to take our old site and recreate it saving all important features.

CRM Software: 5 Main Benefits To Your Business

The look of our new website is exceptional and easy to access. The staff are friendly and prompt with responding to updates. No matter the issue or complexity, AJ and his team are always available and able to help — even on his honeymoon. We are grateful for AJ as he and his team enable us to focus on the day-to-day of our business knowing that one of the more complex components — our e-commerce solution — is running smoothly.

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Sonnick is a true professional in every sense of the word. He developed a beautiful website for our start-up company. He gave us wonderful advice and suggestions while respecting our ideas and wishes. They consistently updated our site within hours of our requests. We could not be more pleased with this quality service. Source: Forbes Everyone wants to know which trends are going to shape the next years in business. Thanks to my work in the digital marketing industry, I The shelf-life of a Tweet seems to decrease every time someone writes about it.

A few years ago, the shelf-life was a day or so. The beauty of posting on LinkedIn is that high-quality content has a long shelf-life.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

The most clever Tweet will be forgotten within a day at absolute best. But an original article or a thoughtful post on LinkedIn will still spark conversation and engagement for weeks after you post it.

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I noticed this week that I had notifications of likes, comments or shares on posts from a day ago, three days ago, and 14 days ago. My best content is still generating conversation weeks after I post it. They go on with a purpose — they want to connect with people in their industry and gain business insights by reading articles and posts from business people they admire. The likes, comments and shares that you earn tend to be much, much more meaningful. When someone in your network engages with your content, read it as a hat-tip, a sincere thank-you, and an opportunity to start a one-on-one conversation with them.

Share content that will still be relevant weeks from now.

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A user might login to LinkedIn twice a month and catch up on all of the most interesting news from her network from the past two weeks. A major source of anxiety for professionals who use social media? You can follow all the rules and best practices, and you can still end up with lousy numbers. Most people will tell you the Mona Lisa. Their entire premise is based on selling locally produced food, so garnering national fame is completely irrelevant for them.

Your job on social media is not to garner national fame. And doing that is easier than you think. Curate your LinkedIn network by connecting with decision makers and influencers in your industry, and focus on providing meaningful content for them. I definitely experienced this phenomenon between the years of , when I was averaging 16 in-person meetings per week.

This same idea applies to social media as well. Much like consistent sales meetings or steady trips to the gym to workout, social media activities compound over time. Create a schedule, stick to it, and watch as your time investment on LinkedIn becomes more and more valuable. Which of these 5 tips do think are most important? Thankfully, you no longer need a background in design to start producing engaging content for your audience.

With the help of a few iPhone and browser-based apps, generating several variations of a single design can be as easy as a click of a mouse. Canva Pro has been a favorite among our team. We love taking the pre-designed Canva social media templates and adding our own unique spin. There are hundreds of free graphic elements and photos available for use in your designs.

We think the upgrade is worth it, and here's why:. Adobe Spark is an online tool that allows non-designers to create social graphics, promotional videos, and basic web pages. We feel that this option is best if you already have access to the Adobe Suite and are looking for an easy way to produce consistent branded content.

Decide which crop to use there are options within the app for different social platforms , and then add your desired quote or text. Custom fonts are not an option, but they do offer some variations among the different styles, and the font color can also be changed.

There are several font options available in the free version, with even more available to download in the pro version. What are your favorite social media design apps? Let us know if you want more in-depth tutorials on any of these or other! Facebook , Social Media. Whether you are holding an every week special or a brand new event at your location of business-Facebook Events are your friend. This is of course an effective way to get your business or event in the news feeds of your target customers.

Therefore when someone in your area goes to view events, you will be included in their results page.

CRM Software: 5 Main Benefits To Your Business -

If you are new to the concept, or want a refresher, below outlines the 3 steps to creating your free advertisement. To Edit Events simply return to the Events tab on your page and you can view and select your list of upcoming events. I recommend taking advantage of this free advertising that Facebook has gifted us. Use this also as an opportunity to look into your business model and create some events or specials that you can gather some hype around.

Facebook is the greatest advertising platform that has ever been created. From the sheer amount of people that use this social media giant - 2. And on Facebook, video is king. One of the coolest things about using video content on Facebook is that when you use a video in a Facebook ad, or in a post on a page, you have the ability to retarget the people that have watched your video. Here is how Facebook video retargeting works.

Start by putting some money behind the ad and select a target audience.

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Once your ad starts running to that audience, people will start seeing your ad and viewing your video. If someone watches the video, they are added to a custom audience that can be retargeted, or shown additional messages from you. This gives you the opportunity to market directly to people who have already shown interest in what you're offering. What a novel concept! Custom audiences can be created inside the Asset Library in the backend of Facebook. Here is a list of steps to take in order to create your custom audience based off of Video Views. People will be removed from your audience after a set time period unless they engage with the content again.

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Up to days Enter a name for your audience Click Create Your audience will begin populating and is immediately ready for use in any ad creation. Great question! Anything that you want them to see! Figure out what the next step is in your customer progression and show it to people in this audience. For example, if your initial video is talking to people about the importance of having car insurance vs. Maybe your next piece of content to them is a price guide in a downloadable format. So, create a valuable price guide that includes average rates, coverages and particular needs based upon the type of car they drive.

The options are endless. Facebook - and social media in general - have opened up the door to create marketing that is not only finely detailed, but also incredibly useful to your customers. And all at a reasonable price! How can you justify investing your limited hours in something that may or may not work?

This content will assist your business development efforts because your prospective clients will think about your more often than not. Step 1 — record video using a phone or inexpensive camera that is stabilized on a tripod. The other way to stay motivated is to learn from people who made it.

When I edit each episode and re-listen to it again, it motivates me. So find interviews with people who made it in your industry, learn about how they did it and follow the steps.