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Analysis of edible oil processing options for the BIO-Plex advanced life support system.

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Minor Outlying Islands U. Brooks, Roberto Berbesi and Allan S. Hodgson 2.

Modification of Triglyceride Oils 3. Hydrogenation 3. Dijkstra 3.

Hydrogenation in practice Dr. Rob F.

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Innovative measurement technologies ensure high production performance and plant availability

Some fat when stored at room temperature are a mixture of low and high melting point fraction. The fractionation is a process which separate both in order to obtain a liquid fraction which remains limpid at room temperature. This process is used to saturate the oil and increase its melting point.

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The hydronated product is then suitable for use as component in margarine. This process modifies the physical properties of the oil by interchange between the different tryglecites. The interesterified product is then suitable for use as component for margarine and other speciality uses. Vegetable Oil Refining Edible Oil production is able to process different qualities of products depending on the needs of the market.