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Every being is fully capable and equipped for accessing their souls and bodies guidance.

In fact, we are designed to be guided in this way. We are designed to have our intuition help guide us through life.

Intuition is the first language of all beings, and we all know it as children. It is not the language of our species within our culture.

It is the primordial expression of relationship within the whole web of life. Historically, rites of initiation have been an essential part of living sacred Earth. Initiation is tradition where we develop the practice of learning to navigate the primordial waters of sacred mystery.

Bhutan – Journey Toward Wholeness

Initiation rites are essential to finding the power within. Unfortunately, relationship to the primordial field of the feminine and initiatory teaching about how to navigate the unified field, or sacred web; have been lost in our culture. It is time to live more deeply and fully again by reclaiming the intuitive passage of life by learning to go into stillness to navigate the sacred dark.

So often this hunger for connection with the primordial waters of the feminine has people seeking a relationship with the dark in harmful ways.

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There is a deep longing for this practice of plunging into mystery. This hunger lives in our cells and calls us toward connection with our genuine power. Power is not dominance or control. Power is the path of wisdom where we learn to meet the challenges and pain in life, turning the lead to gold.

It is the courage to face our own fear and demons. They are the guardians of our power. It is in these deep sacred waters of the feminine that we find our way home to wisdom. We learn the very real language of Nature and Mystery. By learning ourselves and teaching our children how to face their fears and meet challenge, we are providing them and ourselves an opportunity for a successful and fulfilling life.

It is cultivating a way of life where one is growing ever more deeply rooted in the foundations of wise living. Living Sacred Earth is a way of living.

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It is the intention of the classes and consultations, to help you develop this practice and way of living, as it is uniquely right for you. In the time we share, we come together held in the waters of mutual respect and cultivate, in essence, the conscious dance of sacred alchemy; bringing creativity into form, shadow into light and thus making potential manifest.

Primordial Waters of the Feminine The language of soul and body, which is intuition, is found in the primordial waters of the feminine. We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.

Dancing with Dragons : A Journey to Wholeness

Rilke says: Our deepest fears are but dragons guarding our deepest treasures. In Dancing with Dragons, Nicole Gruel shares an intimate and personal account of meeting the dragons whilst experiencing total body meltdown.

After years of travelling paths of 'love and light', she recalls how the dragons came to bring balance to what had become a lop-sided way of being. By honestly facing that which remained hidden and through integrating all that surfaced, she describes how she came into greater alignment with her most authentic Self.

ISBN 13: 9781452503752

As she travels through the seven chakras-the portals of psychological, somatic and spiritual knowing-she shares the complex struggles ego encounters as the being becomes whole. This book is an invitation into the fascinating and trepidatious world of the dragons that reside within each of us. It speaks to the most primal and archetypal patterns of the soul journey, and sheds light on the many obstacles the ego faces in this earthly life. When we accept the invitation to dance, we are moved through the alchemical fires and who knows