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Only a self-hating loon could argue that 3 million Muslims should be profiled for the crimes of Public reaction is an essential component of homeland defense.

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Nomani argues for widened governmental power, including invasive security measures. Yet, the Rand report argues the opposite. As I wrote in that previous article:.

Americans have ceded their civil liberties to the government due to the misplaced fear of terrorism. The first group affected by these heavy-handed laws are Muslim Americans, which hampers anti-terrorism efforts by alienating the very community whose cooperation is so necessary. The report declares:. In response, the country has conceded to the authorities broader powers to prevent terrorism. However, one danger of this response is that revelations of abuse or of heavy-handed tactics could easily discredit intelligence operations, provoke public anger, and erode the most effective barrier of all to radicalization: the cooperation of the community.

We argue that the loss of civil liberties and rise in xenophobia have a more significant and longer lasting effect than acts of terrorism. In any case, the Rand study is an excellent one, and enough to refute loons like Asra Nomani. According to a terrorism database at the University of Maryland, which documents 60 attacks against airlines and airports between and , the last year available, suspects in attacks during the s were tied to the Jewish Defense League, the Black Panthers, the Black September, the National Front for the Liberation of Cuba, Jewish Armed Resistance and the Croatian Freedom Fighters, along with a few other groups.

For that time, those were the identities that we needed to assess. But now it is linked to Muslims. Hence, we should racially and religiously profile Muslims. But we need not restrict this to a hypothetical in the s. Rather, it can be applied to the situation today. Extending that logic, one could easily sanction racial and religious profiling of blacks and Hispanics by police. One could cite studies and statistics just like Asra Nomani did against Muslims.

Source: The UK Government. Blacks are so much more likely than Americans of other races to commit crimes that police may be justified in stopping and questioning them more frequently — just as they stop men more often than women and young people more often than old people. These are some of the controversial findings of a new think tank report based on extensive cross-analysis of government crime statistics.

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The study finds that Asians consistently commit the smallest number of crimes, followed by whites. Hispanics commit violent crime at approximately three times the white rate, and blacks are five to eight times more violent. In one of its most startling conclusions the report finds that blacks are as much more violent than whites as men are more violent than women.

They look for young men — unfortunately, they are often justified in looking for young black men. Why should you stop my grandma instead of that young black man? Any argument that Nomani and other right wingers make against Muslims in support of racial or religious profiling could be applied even more so to blacks and Hispanics. In fact, violent crime on the streets accounts for a hundreds times more American deaths than from terrorists.

So if there is an urgency that must be met—if we simply just cannot avoid racial or religious profiling of terrorists due to the imminent threat—then surely there is an even greater urgency to apply such standards to our domestic police force. There is no logical way for her to support the racial and religious profiling of Muslims, and to be against it when it comes to black people and Hispanics. My point here is not to argue for the profiling of blacks and Hispanics. Rather, it is to show that we all immediately have a visceral reaction to the mere thought of this as we should.

This proves that although blacks and Hispanics are certainly low on the social totem pole, the Muslims are the absolute lowest. On the other hand, even passingly mentioning the idea of racially and religiously profiling Jews would be met with absolute shock. After all, logic dictates that a Jewish guy is much more likely to be an Israeli spy than anyone else. Racial and religious profiling is immoral.

Our nation had already come to this conclusion. It is sad that Islamophobia has reintroduced this ugly evil. I realize that in recent years, profiling has become a dirty word, synonymous with prejudice, racism, and bigotry…. Yes, she is correct. It is certainly synonymous with prejudice, racism, and bigotry. Nomani concludes emphasis is mine :.

We have to choose pragmatism over political correctness, and allow U. Of course, none of this has anything to do with pragmatism, or any desire to actually stop terrorism. Terrorists do not fit one mold, and in fact come in all different shapes, sizes, and races. So is she arguing for racial profiling of black people? Or perhaps just young black men? How many people could make that fine distinction? Should we also profile them? Does Asra Nomani think that Al-Qaeda cannot recruit blue-eyed blond-haired terrorists? There are certainly times when we must choose between the ideologically sound choice and the expedient one.

Even if racial or religious profiling made us safer, we should not opt for that route, since it goes against our moral character. But in this case, racial and religious profiling of Muslims does not make us safer at all.

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The article reads:. After the bus and subway bombings in London, for example, highly publicized raids on mosques or ID checks in Muslim areas gave the public the impression the police were taking action. There is also the desire to use racial and religious profiling to single out and blame Muslims. Your people are to blame. But just because she is Muslim, it does not give her the right to cede Muslim rights to the majority population.

She cannot be allowed to speak for all Muslims, no more than Uncle Tom was allowed to speak for black people.

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The last thing we tolerate is the demonization and singling out of one community, which is what Asra Nomani facilitates. She is not a liberal or progressive Muslim; she is a self-hating loon and self-absorbed opportunist. Nomani knows she would be immune from scrutiny due to her fame. She has no qualms about selling out her religious community for the fame and money it provides her. Perhaps she realized that a right wing nut like herself has no reason to write for such a website. Nonetheless, I think it might behoove people to message Salon and especially people like Glenn Greenwald to give them a heads up that Asra Nomani does not in any way, shape, or form represent Muslims.

But, notice how she seems to use her Religious Affiliation as an immunity card, always making sure that it is known that she is a Real Life Muslim.

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She questioned Islam in , when, she says, she witnessed the murder of a professor by men with alleged ties to the ultraconservative Muslim Brotherhood political group. As to the claim that her professor thought to be Yusef Al-Yusef was gunned down before her eyes in a faculty classroom at the University of Aleppo, Halabi said the incident never took place.

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InFocus contacted the University of Aleppo and spoke to Dr. Asfari was keen to add that no one had ever been killed in a classroom anytime or anywhere at the university. Syrian expatriate Ghada Moezzin, who attended the University of Aleppo in as a sophomore, told InFocus that she never heard of the assassination.

Willow Wilson:. Losing love to Islam has become as universal a theme as finding love in Paris.

Magic of the Loons, A Short Story

It is an implicit condemnation of Muslim men everywhere: in the eyes of women, they do not measure up in any way that counts. But this litany of failings is not limited to Muslim men—not by a long shot. The story of a passionate woman in a stale marriage is as old as Helen of Troy. If this was really true, poor Shakespeare—along with hundreds of thousands of modern divorce lawyers—would have been out of a career. Out-marriage is an issue religious groups have been wrestling with for some time. Of course men and women fall in love.

If they are successful, it is because they are not up against the same barrier: Jewish men are not perceived by Jewish women or anyone else as inherently threatening and perverse.

He grew up in the era this book was written and I thank him for his teachings. The world has come a lo I really enjoyed this heartwarming book. The world has come a long way since then thank heaven. Enjoy this book Jan 07, monica. The Winter Loon This author Lori Henriksen did an excellent job writing this book and especially around the thirties and forties. Showing how gay people were persecuted and also how in reality not much has really changed, despite the fact LGBT is world wide.