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Current Status and Plans for the ASM - 4 Feb. 1996

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UN General Assembly - Schedule of General Assembly plenary and related meetings

The Tourist Refund Scheme allows international travellers to claim a GST refund subject to certain conditions on goods purchased in Australia. The refund only applies to items worn or goods taken on board as hand luggage when leaving the country. Immigration Information Travellers to Australia need a valid passport or similar certificate of identification.

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Insurance The registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. Participants are advised to take out personal insurance, including cover for travel, accommodation and personal possessions. Insurance is the responsibility of the individual delegate.

Mobile Phones Delegates are asked to set their mobile phones to silent when in sessions. Name Badges and Lanyards Name badges will be issued when registering at the conference. For security purposes the conference name badge must be worn at all times during the conference and social functions. Entry may be denied if no name badge is displayed.

Current Status and Plans for the ASM - 4 Feb. 1996

Personal information will be gathered, stored and disseminated in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. Program Every endeavour has been made to produce an accurate program. The program is correct at time of printing. Steve Aley addressed the following questions of Successes and Challenges:. Unfortunately, there were no answers forthcoming for the challenges defined earlier. We discussed opportunities for spending grant funding for the upcoming year, including science fair awards, K Outreach programs, student member recruitment, and full member recruitment.

55th Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN) Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)

Participation Annual meeting? Presentations Students!

Participation Annual meeting is strong. Range and number of presentations are excellent especially students! ASM sponsored speaker — always. National ASM members meet the required number of 25 for voting purposes. Mixed reviews for participating institutions: traditionally strong representation from some, weaker than expected from some and missing from the table entirely by others. There have been excellent additions from institutions in Mexico.

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