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Join them and their friends Moonface, Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy as they discover which new land is at the top of the Faraway Tree. There'll be adventures waiting for them, whatever happens; funny, magical adventures that will delight children again and again. Best-selling Artemis Fowl is back with a new adventure. This time the teenage criminal mastermind must save the fairies from being discovered by the human world. As ever, he fights a fast and furious campaign with all the power — magical and mechanical — that his hugely original fairy world can muster. Hectically paced, this is a thrilling read.

This is the jaw-dropping, eagerly anticipated sixth book in multi-award-winning blockbuster Artemis Fowl series. Artemis finds himself travelling back in time to fight his younger self and save his mother from a dangerous illness.

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Winner of the Independent Booksellers' Book Prize. There'll be adventures waiting for them, whatever happens! Funny, magical adventures that will delight children again and again. Now that his father has disappeared Artemis must take charge and rebuild his family fortune. Everyone knows that reading improves literacy skills.

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Picking up where the hugely successful Faraway Tree series left off, the inhabitants of the Enchated Wood face the biggest threat to their existence yet - the death of the Faraway tree! Magical, mystical and completely loveable, the Enchanted World series follows the adventures of five fairies brought together to save the Faraway tree by regaining the lost Talismans that provide the life force of the tree. Petal and the Endless Bloom : In the Land of Flora the fairies face one of their toughest tasks so far as the beautiful yet dangerous landscape quite literally ensnares them.

Can they get back to the Faraway Tree with the endless bloom before the world moves away from the Faraway Tree? And can they stop Talon from getting to the Talisman before them? Picking up where the hugely successful Faraway Tree series left off, the inhabitants of the Enchanted Wood face the biggest threat to their existence yet - the death of the Faraway tree! Melody and the Enchanted Harp : When the Land of Music comes to the top of the Faraway Tree, Melody and her four friends have to use all of their skill to whisk the latest Talisman - an enchanted harp - away from the tyrannical Queen Quadrille.

Silky and the Rainbow Feather : In the first adventure of the series Silky the fairy must recruit her friends and scour her homeland - the Land of Fairies - in order to retrieve the magical rainbow feather. If not the magical faraway tree will die and the connection with the enchanted world will be lost forever. The fourth rip roaring story about Artemis Fowl and the unique fairy world in which he operates.

Here, the evil pixie Opal Koboi is back. Captain Holly Short knows the only person in the world who can prevent her is Artemis Fowl himself. Already a master criminal at 14, Artemis Fowl is fearless, ruthless and very clever. Full of high tech action, fairies with attitude and a terrific sense of humour, this story is magic!

Tender, touching and convincing, Ginger Snap charts the ups and downs of growing up. Shy, friendless Ginger has blossomed at secondary school. Can Ginger get her happiness back? All Jude wants is a simple, hassle-free life.

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But, with their endless broken promises, her family seem to create nothing but problems. Maybe the boy from school on his shiny new rollerblades will provide the answer…A thoughtful and tender story about growing up and finding yourself. Scarlett's not red like a sunset, she's red with rage. She cannot believe her mum's sunk so low as to pack her off to Ireland to stay with the dad who left them.

Surely he's the reason for everything going wrong, her never being able to stay in a school, rules always just, somehow, seeming to get broken? They won't get round her so easily. Hannah and Joey have been best friends for ever. Joey's parents love rescuing things and making them beautiful - their house is full of things made from driftwood, old glass and shells from the beach. Which is why the scraggy kittens the girls find in a bin at school end up living there. And when Paul moves in as Joey's foster brother, everyone thinks that maybe he needs rescuing too.

But nobody knows quite how badly.

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At first, it's great - Hannah's brother befriends Paul, and the four of them hang out together. But then things start to go wrong. Paul is being bullied. Subtly at first - but quickly it gets dangerous. People aren't like driftwood or abandoned kittens and Hannah doesn't know how to rescue him. Paul doesn't want to be rescued - but with help, he can find a way to save himself. Surely no one is really going to make Daisy give up everything she knows? St Sebastian's School in Grimesford is the pits.

No, really it is. Built on the boggy remains of a medieval plague pit, this once proud school's dodgy nineteenth-century foundations are causing it to slowly subside.

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  • Every year it sinks a little further into the ground, and every year the ghosts of the plague victims underneath become more disgruntled. All they want is to rest in peace, but during term time all they hear is the clatter of hundreds of pairs of high school kids' feet overhead. The ghosts - egged on by their spooky ringleader, Edith Codd - decide to get their own back, and they're willing to play dirty. Really dirty. They swarm into the St Sebastian's sewer system and start to kick up a stink the only way they know how.

    Popping up through pipes and taps, they invade the school, morphing into monsters and zombies, performing possessions and hauntings, and generally causing as much mischief as in inhumanly possible. But the ghosts haven't reckoned on a new kid and his mates in year seven. Can James and his friends get to the bottom of the problem and flush out the ghosts, or will every terms at St Sebastian's be plagued with misery?

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