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Throw a Cooking Competition Dinner Party Own a cabin retreat in the woods May in Index, Washington Attend TED Drive through New England in the fall Fall, Go on a wreck dive Dance at a Masquerade Ball Trek in Nepal Take cooking classes in 3 different countries Thailand down, 2 to go Learn how to swing on the trapeze Have a color coordinated closed with a little chandelier Write, direct and produce a neighborhood play Travel to New Zealand and do something crazy Become an amazing Salsa dancer Make a time capsule with my kids on their first day of school that they open when they graduate Teach a course at a university Have a yard filled with twinkly lights, comfy nooks and an outdoor bed Crush grapes in Italy Open a wellness center Sit ringside at a big boxing match wearing a sequined gown Dress up for the Dirt Bag Ball Host a murder mystery weekend Go scuba diving in Thailand Got my advanced certification in Koh Lanta Get mentioned in national magazine Go skiing in Banff Become a Death Doula See the gorillas in Uganda Do 5 pull ups in a row Take my grandchildren on a Christmas sleigh ride Host a television show Go to the Jazz Festival in Montreal Learn how to river kayak Be on a best-seller list for my future book.

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Good job on creating such a useful resource! It must have been amazing when you went back to see how many different aspects of the student experience you have written about. Great job putting this beast together! This is a great resource list for college students. Another helpful category would include a list of websites that college students can use to make money such as blogging like this one, selling stuff on ebay, or freelancing. Keep up the great posts. One kid owns the house and his housemates pay rents. Your email address will not be published. To navigate the list, here are the main areas of tips for college freshmen:.

Quick Navigation Financial Aid. College and Careers. Not filling it out one year can make it harder to get financial aid the following year. This form is also mandatory to get Federal Student Loans.

Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities: What’s After Public Education?

They have many of the traditional tips, but also some out-of-the-box tips as well. If you're looking into financial aid, this is a great tool. A must read for anyone who cares about the cost of education. The Definitive Guide To Student Loan Debt - This free resource has everything you need to get into student loans the smart way, and ways to get out quickly when you're out of school.

Student Loans. Bookmark this for the future. It is maintained by the US Department of Education, and keeps track of all your student loan data. Here are the main repayment plans for student loans and what each will cost you. Here's everything you need to know about student loan deferment. Don't just apply to a single lender, compare a bunch of them. Personal Finance. You need mobile banking, easy access to your accounts, and more.

Check out these options. Specifically, they don't drive much and may not even own a car. Check out these great options. Spend wisely! Check it out! Here is a great resource from Free From Broke on how to get cheaper textbooks. If you want savings, check out this list from the Christian Science Monitor and find the best discounts on stuff you're going to buy anyway. This list also highlights places that give discounts by showing student IDs.

Check out this tool and see where you can find the best rates for textbook rentals.

Finishing high school: What to do after graduation - Kids Help Phone

If that interests you, check out this list. How to Start an Investing Club - If you're college doesn't have an investing club you can join, you should start one yourself. It's pretty easy to do, and just takes a little time and effort. Investing Course - Many colleges and universities are starting to offer investing courses, but if your's doesn't and you want to learn, check out this easy course.

We compare all of the top brokerage firms in our Brokerage Comparison Tool.

Girl Talk As You Grow Up

Dorm Life. This is a great article to reassure those who don't think they were prepared. Avoiding Craigslist Scams - I think college was the first time in my life I was ever swindled, and it happens to a lot of people. Make sure that you read this list on avoiding Craigslist scams, since most college student rely on Craigslist to buy and sell their stuff.

Here are some great rules to live by from the BankRate team. Buy your textbooks Classes? Flip through your favorite magazine and consult with your hairstylist. Tons of websites even have virtual makeovers so you can test a bunch of hairdos without the permanent consequences.

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Take this summer to learn quick and easy makeup routines. From the scary number of sexual assault instances to the occasional missing person case, you may feel as if college is a dangerous place. Ease your mind by taking a self-defense class with your girlfriends.

Look online to see if any local martial arts studios or police stations are holding classes. You know, the one you used to play on all the time when you were in kindergarten. While you can get inspiration from your favorite role models, remember to stay true to yourself. Once you have an idea of what kind of person you want to be, making that transition in college will be a little bit easier.

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